We offer a number of services

in order to help your doctor take care of you and your baby. One major service we offer is detailed sonograms of babies with very experienced sonographers and cutting edge equipment.

Our training and experience as maternal-fetal medicine specialists allows us to participate in obtaining and interpreting detailed structural and functional information from the fetus. These sonograms may include detailed examination for signs of chromosomal abnormalities, heart defects, growth problems, circulatory problems or placental problems.

We also offer the services of specially trained and highly experienced genetic counselors who can help our patients understand the complex issues surrounding pregnancy and family illness.

Sometimes more precise information requires obtaining samples of placental tissue, fluid from the uterus, or even fetal blood. Our physicians are skilled in obtaining these samples under ultrasound guidance with very thin needles or catheters.

Sometimes it is possible to avoid problems rather than manage them. Couples with medical problems, family or personal histories of birth defects or genetic disease, or problems with prior pregnancies often benefit from consulting with our genetic counselors and physicians prior to a pregnancy.

All of these services can be arranged through your physician as we strive to optimize outcome for each and every woman we see.

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